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FlexiVOUCHER is the best way of traveling independently, flexibly and individually without having to renounce on a supporting local agent in the background, a varied selection of hotels and mainly on serious providers in Costa Rica. Discover Costa Rica’s nature paradise completely independently! Stay longer whenever you wish and design your very personal itinerary, including exactly the places and activities you have been dreaming of!


FlexiVOUCHERS are open vouchers to be used for payment at over 120 hotels all over Costa Rica. You taken the decision to travel with FlexiVOUCHER, we will provide you with your personal access code to our web sites, where you will find many useful tips and information. That makes it easy to plan your very personal itinerary in advance. You can also access the site at any of the numerous internet-cafés all over the country to prepare your next step. After your arrival, you will also receive our road map and our manual, which includes a description of each region and a list of all hotels participating with the Flexi-VOUCHER – System. During your trip, you can always contact the team of ARA Tours for any question.