Individual Travel

Best Value for Money + Total Flexibility

From $69 per day*
4x4 vehicle & hotel included

*per person in a double room, excluding car rental insurance

What is Flexi Voucher?

Best Value for Money

For an excellent price, you will get a 4x4 rental vehicle, 100 hotel options, and lots of information to design your own trip.

Flexi VOUCHER is a unique travel format that allows you to discover Costa Rica’s natural paradise on your own plan, stay wherever you prefer, choose your own travel program and change it as you like!

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Costa Rica

There is 322 kilometers from the Costa Rican Pacific Coast to the Caribbean coast. Landscapes and microclimates can be enjoyed in the same day. That is why this country is a paradisiacal destination. In only 51 thousand square kilometers, the traveler can find: sun and beach, adventure, nature and culture; necessary components to satisfy the taste of the thousands of visitors who enjoy Costa Rica as their ideal vacation spot.

National Parks

Learn more about the national parks of Costa Rica, all the protected areas of this paradisiacal tropical country. Very small in size, but one of the largest in biodiversity in the world.
How does it work?

It is too easy

Just few steps to follow and be able to fully enjoy your vouchers in Costa Rica.
  • 1. Purchase
  • 2. Travel
  • 3. Reserve
  • 4. Drive
  • 5. Enjoy
We recommend you to see the entire explanation about how it works in the follownig button.

Ara Tours

Ara Tours
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