Frequently asked questions

Are there always rooms available?

Our clients have always found a room to stay overnight. We have established contracts with plenty of hotels in each region to avoid availability issues. In addition, most hotels allow booking rooms three days in advance, so we recommend taking advantage of this option.
Does FlexiVOUCHER provide better rates?

You will be able to enjoy the best prices at partnering hotels. As a FlexiVOUCHER client, you are a last-minute client, so unreserved rooms will be available at excellent rates and hotels will welcome you to fill vacancies. Depending on the hotel, you may be able to get a 20 to 50% discount off the usual rate. This is why hotels do not accept reservations in advance, only last-minute bookings.
Why do I have to identify myself as a FlexiVOUCHER client when checking availability at the hotel?

Hotels are free to decide whether to accept or deny a Flexi VOUCHER FlexiVOUCHER reservation at the agreed special price. For this reason, the hotel must know if the reservation is for a Flexi VOUCHER client rather than a client who pays the regular rate. If you do not identify yourself as a Flexi VOUCHER, client, the hotel may reject your reservation request, even if it was approved by phone, when finding out that you were going to pay with a Flexi VOUCHER. You must identify yourself to make the most of the program’s benefits and obtain reliable information.
Is breakfast included at the hotels?

Most hotel rates include breakfast for Flexi VOUCHER clients. Please find on our website the list of partnering hotels and those which have breakfast included.
Can I reserve a room in advance?

Most hotels allow reservations a maximum of 3 days in advance (please see the list of hotels on our website to find this information). When booking a room, please indicate your personal reservation number, which is included in your travel documents. This enables the hotel to confirm your reservation. If you book a room but don’t stay at the hotel, the hotel will see your personal reservation number and charge you a “no-show” fee, which is usually the cost of the first night.
Why can I only make a reservation 3 days or less in advance instead of doing it from home or sooner?

The average Flexi VOUCHER rate is 20 to 50% lower than normal hotel rates, since it is a last-minute reservation that helps fill hotels’ vacancies. For this reason, hotels only allow reservations a maximum of 3 days in advance. Some hotels might not even allow a reservation unless you check availability directly at the hotel reception.
Does my mobile phone work in Costa Rica?

Most smartphones work in Costa Rica. However, we offer a free mobile phone with your rental vehicle to facilitate local communication, in case you didn’t bring your mobile phone or if it doesn’t work internationally. There is a deposit to cover the device’s loss or damage; if you should so choose, you can reject this service and use your own mobile phone. If you book our “Drive Relaxed” optional package, your car rental will include a Wi-Fi Hotspot for up to 5 devices.
Does the FlexiVOUCHER package include car rental insurance?

No, the Flexi VOUCHER ackage does not include any kind of insurance for your rental vehicle. Insurance coverage must be paid directly to the car rental company. Some credit card companies offer automatic car rental coverage to their cardholders, so be sure to find out if you are eligible for this option. Otherwise, there is a basic compulsory insurance of $20, depending on the vehicle. In addition to this basic insurance, you must put down a deposit of $750 to $1,500 (depending on the vehicle) in case of damage. This risk can be avoided by paying an additional voluntary insurance of $9 to $10 per day.If you would like to book a rental vehicle in advance, and include full insurance coverage, you may do so through ARA Tours with the “Drive Relaxed” package.Renting a car is the most flexible and individual way to explore the country! The Flexivoucher package includes two options a)a Category Compact vehicle b) an Intermediate Category vehicle to make it easy to drive with optimal comfort. The car will be delivered directly to your hotel after your first night in San Jose. Please be advised that the Flexivoucher program doesn't include any insurance so coverage must be acquired. The mandatory basic insurance is charged per rental day and varies slightly according to the car type. With this basic insurance, you have to cover the deposit of USD 1000 in case of any damage. You can exclude this risk with a voluntary additional insurance. We highly recommend you to acquire our Drive Relaxed package that includes full insurance coverage, 24/7 route assistance and a Hot Spot device for your own Mobile cellular to access, for example, navigation services and our detailed information online. It has an additional cost that depends on the type of vehicle you choose. If you wish to opt for this option, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Do I need a credit card to rent a vehicle?

Yes. You have to make a deposit with a credit card. The amount of this deposit depends on the kind of insurance coverage you purchase. If you choose the basic insurance, the amount of the deposit will be between $750 and $1,500 (depending on the type of vehicle). If you also would like to purchase the additional voluntary coverage, the deposit will be $100 (plus another $100 for the mobile phone, if you want this service). Most major credit cards are accepted.  
Do I need an international driver’s license to rent a vehicle?

No, it is not necessary to have an international driver’s license. Your country’s driver's license is valid for 3 months during your stay in Costa Rica. However, you must always be prepared to show your passport and immigration stamp for entering the country. 
Do I get the worst hotel rooms due to having a special rate?

Our Flexi VOUCHER are valid for standard rooms, although some hotels may only have one kind of room. Some hotels might even offer you an upgrade if the room you are requesting is not available.
Are there reduced rates for children?

Please check the list of partnering hotels for further information on which hotels offer free overnight stays for children (when sharing the room with their parents), and whether breakfast is included for children or not. If your child needs a separate room, there is no discount.
Do I get better rates if I book directly with each hotel instead of booking the FlexiVOUCHER package?

Rates are the same or slightly different. However, if you book the Flexi VOUCHERr package, you have the advantage of being assisted by a trusted local travel agency during your trip.

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